resident estate association management

Africa's foremost Estate Association Management solution that supports effective management, coordination of estates in delivering quality services.

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features include

Resident Portal

The residents portal offers the quick secure interface for all interactions with the association from subscription management, visitor management and more...

Each resident can;
  • Track all their payment Receipts, outstanding dues, etc...
  • Notify estate security of arriving visitors, view records of Visitor logs and also generate Visitor passes
  • Receive notifications and news on key events, hence facilitating effective communication between the resident and the association managers

Multiple Levels of Access Control

R.E.A.M features various modules supporting different activities and groups including Association Managers, Residents, Security and Service personnel to interact in an Estate Association.

This functionality is spread across the various portals:
  • The Administrator portal
  • The Residents portal
  • The Security portal
  • The Services portal


At the heart of R.E.A.M is the billing module, which enables:
  • Dues management
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Resident account management
  • Resident service status
  • and so much more...

The billing module is integrated with the other modules eliminating repetitive data entries and reduce record keeping errors

Security & Service Portals

R.E.A.M includes portals specifically for:
managing service provisioning allowing managers to see at a glance which services a resident has paid for or is owing.

Also included is a security portal which enables security personnel to record the ingress and egress of visitors, see visitors who are pre-authorised access reducing the friction that sometimes takes place when a resident is expecting visitors as much more...

additional information

R.E.A.M is capable of so much more functionality and designed to evolve as the relationships change.

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